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Argentine Apple Essence

Product packed during Apple Juice concentrating processing season in the Rio Negro Valley of Argentina beginning March/April. Generally packed in minimal container lots (3960 gallons). Consistency of Apple Essence cannot be guaranteed from lot to lot due to inconsistency in the fruit.

Argentine Apple Juice Concentrate


Acid typically ranges from 1.4-2.4.  Sixty percent of the crop is considered on the commercially low side of the acid scale (1.4-1.7). Product is packed at 70/71 Brix, in plastic drums, 60 gallon fill.

Argentine Apricot Puree


Argentine Lemon Essence Oil

Key ingredients; Aldehyde. Paracymene is critical reading of age in this product. Product processed from Lemons grown in the Tucaman region of Argentina. Tucaman is the second largest grower of Lemon's in the world next to California.

Argentine Lemon Cells

Unwashed, stabilized cells packed in boxes or drums. FMC or Brown finishers create determined length of cells. Availability of cells in Argentina is generally tight.

Argentine Lemon Concentrate

The Tucaman area produces both 500 and 400 GPL product, low and high pulp.

Argentine Lemon Oil C.P


Argentine Pear Essence


Argentine Pear Juice Concentrate


Argentine Red Grape Concentrate

Competition for the grape is strong from the wineries in the Mendoza region of Argentine. Product is typically around a 400-800 color with an average of 550. Brix is 68, SO2 averages <100 ppm.

Argentine White Grape Concentrate

Low acid 0.6-1.0 and the higher acid 1.4-1.7 is available. Brix 68, SO2 < 100. Product is plentiful during their harvest February/March through May/June.

German Liquid Iced Tea Concentrates

Packed, shipped and stored cold in pails or drums. Concentrated to 65 Brix. This material is an excellent substitute for powder in that there is no caking to prohibit dispenser utilization.

Brazilian Concord Aroma


Brazilian Concord grape Concentrate

Color ranges from 400-800. Only other producer of Concord outside of U.S. Grapes crushed in January, tartrated and shipped end of February. Packed in steel open head drums. Priced typically below Northwest product.

Brazilian d'limonene


Brazilian Low Ratio FCOJ


Brazilian Orange Pulp Wash

Exceptional quality. Packed at 65 Brix with tracer. Processed in June, packed in steel open head drums. Excellent ingredient for Citrus beverages.

Brazilian Orange Essence Oil

The three main ingredients; Valencene, Aldehyde and Ethyl Buterate are typically of lower value than Florida product. Packed in lots for easy purchase.

California White Grapefruit Oil C.P.


California Grapefruit Oil Phase Essence

Nootkatone is the key ingredient. Typically sold on a dollar value per Nootkatone percentage; i.e., 1% Nootkatone is sold at one value, 2% Nootkatone is sold at a higher value.

California Lemon Cells Unwashed, Pasteurized

Packed in boxes (or drums if specialty ordered). Depending upon the finisher (FMC/ Brown) the Pulp Cells will either be elongated or shorter. Cells are generally pasteurized (which inhibits enzyme reaction but causes the cell to have less floatability). Cells can also be non-pasteurized, sometimes called unstabilized, which causes the product to float more but exposes it to enzymatic issues.

California Lemon Concentrate, 400 GPL, 1-2% or 6-9% Pulp

Produced as either 400 with low pulp(1-2%) or higher pulp(6-12%).

California Lime Concentrate


California Navel Oil


California Orange Essence Oil


California Orange Oil


California Pink Grapefruit Oil C.P.


California Tangerine Oil


Chinese Apple Juice Concentrate

Acid ranges from .9 - 2.2.

Chinese Pear Juice Concentrate

Color can be guaranteed upon arrival at 70+.

Florida Cold Pressed Lime Oil

Florida d'limonene

Florida Distilled Lime Oil

Florida Grapefruit Pulp Cells

Florida Grapefruit Pulp Wash

Florida Orange Essence Oil-Mid Season & Valencia

Florida Orange Pulp Cells

Florida Orange Oil-Mid Season & Valencia

Florida Orange Terpenes

Florida Pink Grapefruit Oil C.P

Florida Grapefruit Oil Phase Essence

Florida Tangerine Oil C.P.

Florida Early Mid & Valencia Orange Pulp Wash

Florida White Grapefruit Oil C.P.

All Florida 93-94 score FCOJ

Mixed Origin 93-94 score FCOJ

Hungarian Apple Juice Concentrate

Hungarian Apple Essence

Mexican Red Grape Juice Concentrate

Harvested in July, color ranges from 600-2500. Can deliver in drums or bulk tanker.

Thai Pineapple Juice Concentrate

Chilean Plum Juice Concentrate

Chilean Apple Essence

Polish Apple Essence

Polish Apple Juice Concentrate

Polish Cranberry Juice Concentrate

Israeli Aseptic Orange & Grapefruit Pulp Cells

Israeli Sweety Oil

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